Silver Unicorn

Two years ago, when I started making jewelry, I made a brass unicorn pendant meant to be a reference to the origami unicorn in Blade Runner. I wasn’t until later that I started working with silver.


I was then able to make it in the metal that more accurately resembles the metallic paper used in the movie.


While I was making the flat silver unicorn pendant, I considered that I could make it three-dimensional – like the origami crane.  And so this silver unicorn was born.


The two origami themed pendants:

origami pendants

Origami Crane

This is a simple little pendant I made a little while back. I really like how simple it is. I was going to have it hang symmetrically, having the ring either on the tip of the wing or the crane’s chest, but after testing it out with a friend in studio, we came to the conclusion that it would accentuate the geometry of the design if the pendant was hanging a little off centre.

origami crane 1

origami crane 2



Cold connections is something I hadn’t tried before and something my instructor had been trying to get me to do for some time now. I finally did it and I messed it up right away because I put it through the roller too soon. Luckily I only had to double up the layers to give it rigidity. Added amethysts details to the ends to finish it off.



This is the second bangle I’ve made. They work quite well together.

twisted bracelet3