Cold connections is something I hadn’t tried before and something my instructor had been trying to get me to do for some time now. I finally did it and I messed it up right away because I put it through the roller too soon. Luckily I only had to double up the layers to give it rigidity. Added amethysts details to the ends to finish it off.



This is the second bangle I’ve made. They work quite well together.

twisted bracelet3

Feel Good Inc.

Over the past few weeks in jewelry class, my confidence and skill has improved to the point where I am comfortable enough to attempt more complex designs like this one.

Feel Good Inc.

This one is relatively personal: my birthstone is amethyst, half of my father’s family is from the Netherlands – thus the windmill mixed with the lighthouse, and I’ve always wanted to live on an island far, far away from people.  But mostly it was inspired by the floating/flying island in the Gorillaz Feel Good Inc. music video. This one was fun to make.

Feel Good Inc., Amethyst and Silver, 2014

Inspired by the Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. music video. (Amethyst and Silver)

Feel Good Inc. (back), Amethyst and Silver, 2014