Intangible Reality

Intangible Reality is based on the idea that we construct our worldview based on our heritage, memories, biases, and traumas. We decorate the interior spaces with ideas that make us feel comfortable. We look out at the world through the windows of our house. Sometimes these windows are narrow and sometimes they’re broad. Occasionally, we invite people into our world. Some people are open books, they give you a full house tour on day one. Others only show you the perfectly curates living room. The basement is off-limits. And then there are houses that are hard to reach.

If you had to translate your worldview into a design for a house, what would it look like? Classical, traditional, modern, or eclectic? What would the interior of your mind be like? Would it be a place that people enjoy visiting? Or would people avoid visiting the invisible house that surrounds you?

In a time when people are ready to explore and move into a digital metaverse, I find the intangible multiverse around me far more intriguing.