Silver Unicorn

Two years ago, when I started making jewelry, I made a brass unicorn pendant meant to be a reference to the origami unicorn in Blade Runner. I wasn’t until later that I started working with silver.


I was then able to make it in the metal that more accurately resembles the metallic paper used in the movie.


While I was making the flat silver unicorn pendant, I considered that I could make it three-dimensional – like the origami crane.  And so this silver unicorn was born.


The two origami themed pendants:

origami pendants

Origami Crane

This is a simple little pendant I made a little while back. I really like how simple it is. I was going to have it hang symmetrically, having the ring either on the tip of the wing or the crane’s chest, but after testing it out with a friend in studio, we came to the conclusion that it would accentuate the geometry of the design if the pendant was hanging a little off centre.

origami crane 1

origami crane 2

Civic Flower Crown

The flower power ring (no shame for giving it that name) was a practice run for the silver flower crown I wanted to attempt. A friend of mine left her soul crushing job to pursue her passion for photography, and one of her client’s wore a silver crown that inspired me to make one myself – with flowers. Mine is a civic crown – coming together at the back and worn like this. This was my first attempt so I learned quite a bit – like the entire thing became a heat sink which made soldering frustrating at times. It’s obviously not perfect, but I really like how it turned out.

flower crown 1

Back of the crown.

flower crown 2

flower crown 5

Side view.

flower crown 4

flower crown 3