White Rose

I only get three hours a week in studio/class to work on my jewelry. Normally I plan what I want to make, sometimes down to the steps I want to follow – a mise en place of sorts. Often this results in me having time left to make something simple/quick towards the end of class. This is another of the “I have time left to make something” pieces.





When I made the embedded ring, I made another plain silver one just like it. It seemed a little lifeless, so I added a lacy detail and employed the “chemical colouring” technique to add a little more interest. I was binge watching Boardwalk Empire at the time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the costumes or fashion of the 1920’s subconsciously filtered into the design. On the other hand, it does look like something that had been in the ocean for too long and some sort of parasitic organism was now living off it. (Could also be linked to Boardwalk Empire’s ocean theme.)




A Gothic Romance

My high school art teacher had a wedding ring that I remember till this day. While I don’t remember exact decorative details, I do remember it had a red heart-shaped stone with a silver dagger apparently piercing it. Back then, I thought it was very romantic.

A friend of mine recently got engaged, and her ring featured a similar motif – it didn’t have a stone though. None the less it sparked the fire of inspiration. I set out looking for a red heart-shaped stone – something I didn’t expect to be as tedious as it turned out to be. After checking several shops, I settled on what I think is a red Zirconia. I don’t really care, just wanted to make this ring. I’m pretty proud of my first attempt at setting a faceted gemstone.

Gothic Romance_1

Gothic Romance 3

I didn’t use wax or any casting methods to make this ring. It was built up from scratch. The heart and dagger motif has an interesting history – at least in tattoo design. You can read more about that here and here. I learned later that my friends ring (that unlocked a memory and set this whole process in motion) is actually a Claddagh ring.

Because I’m very happy with how it turned out, I’m sharing more photos than usual.


After a short hiatus as a result of scheduling conflicts, I am finally back in studio. I had some grand ideas of what I would make, but realised that I didn’t have enough silver to do what I wanted. Note to self: make an inventory of everything you need before you actually get to studio. I managed to MacGyver enough material together to make this ring.

Wrapped Up, Silver & Pearl, 2015

Wrapped Up, Silver & Pearl, 2015

Wrapped Up, Silver & Pearl, 2015