Cold connections is something I hadn’t tried before and something my instructor had been trying to get me to do for some time now. I finally did it and I messed it up right away because I put it through the roller too soon. Luckily I only had to double up the layers to give it rigidity. Added amethysts details to the ends to finish it off.



This is the second bangle I’ve made. They work quite well together.

twisted bracelet3

White Rose

I only get three hours a week in studio/class to work on my jewelry. Normally I plan what I want to make, sometimes down to the steps I want to follow – a mise en place of sorts. Often this results in me having time left to make something simple/quick towards the end of class. This is another of the “I have time left to make something” pieces.





When I made the embedded ring, I made another plain silver one just like it. It seemed a little lifeless, so I added a lacy detail and employed the “chemical colouring” technique to add a little more interest. I was binge watching Boardwalk Empire at the time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the costumes or fashion of the 1920’s subconsciously filtered into the design. On the other hand, it does look like something that had been in the ocean for too long and some sort of parasitic organism was now living off it. (Could also be linked to Boardwalk Empire’s ocean theme.)




Fur Elise

Choosing gifts for people is sometimes tricky. Knowing what they like or absolutely adore helps. A friend is leaving Korea tomorrow, and I wanted to make her a custom gift. This time, choosing a gift was easy, because I knew what/who she loved more than anything.

fur elise


fur elise_detail

fur elise_detail 2

I underestimated how long it would take to make – the canvas is only 190 x 190mm. In the end I got through Season one and two of Fargo. I enjoyed both embroidering the cat and watching Fargo – especially season two.