The Maverick

A small pendant I made a few weeks ago. I still have to find a dainty silver chain to fix to the end rings. Until then, the pendant hangs as is in the picture.

The Maverick, Silver & Pearl, 2015

The relationship between me and the instructor is an interesting one. I can’t expect to always do what I planned to do, and she seems to want me to do more traditional designs from time to time. She likes pearls. So I occasionally try to work some pearls into my designs. I saw a similar minimalist design with a silver bar somewhere and decided to make my own – having three pearls hang off it. As luck would have it, she only had three equally sized pearls in pink (not my favourite colour). Such is life.


Finally found a chain on etsy to finish this pendant with. I also made a mistake previously by accidentally soldering two rings that weren’t silver to the ends. I fixed that and added the chain. Done!

maverick reborn 1