Black Fish

Metal class was cancelled last week as a precaution to not spread MERS, so I don’t have anything new to show. I figured I’d post some of the pieces I had made, but hadn’t blogged about yet.

Like my Black Fish pendant. This was my 3rd attempt at setting some kind of stone in silver. (Haven’t blogged about the first two either). It’s a piece of black onyx and though it isn’t oval shaped, it reminded me a little of the pendant Drew Barrymore wears in The Wedding Singer.

Orca, Onyx and Silver, 2014

I cut out an orca/killer whale at the back because killer whales were my favourite kind of whale when I was growing up, and I thought the patterns on their skin would be a nice way to contrast the black and silver.

Orca (back), Onyx and Silver, 2014