I’ve been wanting to make a piece with brass-and-silver inlay work for a while now. Triangles have also become quite appealing to me lately – like in the past couple of years…

Triangle 2

Triangle 1

Side note: My 2nd cousin is studying BA Visual Arts at Stellenbosch University. I really love his work. Recently he made this self-portrait – note the triangle. It’s titled : “I am by no means a visionary, but I can see“. I asked to buy it.

I am by no means a visionary, but I can see_Janeke Zandberg

I previously bought this “panollama‬” drawing from him. I’m still very much in love with it. It was bigger than I anticipated – probably close to A0 in size. It’s framed and waiting for me in South Africa.

panollama‬_Janeke Zandberg