Girl in Sweater II

This is the second of three pieces I plan on showing at the Daejeon Arts Collective‘s 8th group exhibition in November. Three weeks to go and one piece left to embroider. I’m watching Gotham season 1 while I stitch, so I should be up to date by the time I finish the final piece.

Girl with Sweater 2

A friend mentioned that the girl resembles the Canadian ‘record producer, artist, musician, singer, songwriter and music video director’ named Grimes. I had to Google who that was, but I see it. She can be whoever you want her to be.


*This piece is now in the collection of Venus Lukic.

Girl in Sweater

I mentioned that  I would start embroidering the sea turtle sketch next, and though I did start on it, I got sidetracked and completed this one instead. It’s one of my temptress sketches, but she’s wearing a sweater instead of a corset. I watched the last three seasons of The Wire while doing this one.

girl with pink sweater


girl with pink sweater_detail

*This piece is now in the collection of Rosalie and James Knaack.

Hay Fever

In May I posted a drawing of a flapper girl. A couple of weeks after, I was contacted by Stephen Briggs who asked if he could use it for a poster to promote a Studio Theatre Club production of Noel Coward’s ‘Hay Fever’. I agreed. Today he sent me the final poster design and details.

This is the poster they put together:

Hay Fever poster final

I thank him for contacting me and asking permission to use my image. I’m also grateful to him for sending me design updates and even mailing me a hard copy. I applaud him for creating and perpetuating an artist community where people’s work is respected (not just copied or reposted, as is common practice these days).

If you happen to see this post in time, and you are in the Abingdon, Oxon area, do swing by.