Fabulous feathers

I’m not sure if it’s designing the tattoo, which has a strong South African reference, or the fact that I’m hoping time flies (yeah) between now and January, when I visit Cape Town, that has me wanting to draw ostriches. It’s been on my mind all weekend. Sadly I was busy procrastinating, so I didn’t get around to drawing one. Today however, I manage to get to it.


I then also drew a flamingo, and then another that I coloured.


flamingo 2


Sea Turtle

As I mentioned before, I started embroidering a turtle sketch that I made a long time ago. I started both the turtle and the girl with the pink sweater at the same time, but go carried away trying to finish the sweater. The sea turtle is finally done now too.

Sea Turtle

Initially I wanted to use colour on the turtle, but I liked the way it turned out after I was done doing the outlines, so I added colour to the background. It took way longer than I thought it would – about 2 seasons of The Sopranos worth. As someone mentioned on facebook, it now looks as if the turtle is weightlessly gliding through space. Works for me.

Sea Turtle_detail

*This piece is now in the collection of Eibhlín Ní Fhallamháin.

Wonder Woman

It’s been known for a while now that Gal Gadot will be playing Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie. I haven’t really given it a lot of thought, but I do remember being a little disappointed seeing her in the new costume. I really like the costume, but it seems to be wearing her instead of the other way around. I feel that while male actors buff up to play superheroes, actresses are made to look as sexy as possible. Yes, actresses train hard, but I think that Wonder Woman especially needs to have a very athletic physique and look as if she can do some damage to her male counterparts – I mean she does come from an island ruled by women where the standards for beauty are different. Gal’s Wonder Woman looks like Superman is still going to open doors for her.

It wasn’t until this year’s ESPN bodies issue came out, that I really started thinking about it. The female athletes look amazing. They are strong and athletically built, but still very beautiful. So I decided to put the wonder woman costume on one of them. Chantae McMillan‘s sprinting pose seamed perfect. Being a heptathlon athlete, her body speaks of being able to do basically anything.

The costume itself is a mix between the new Wonder Woman costume on display at Comic-Con 2015, the headpiece from the Justice League: Gods and Monsters animated costume and Lara Croft’s mohawk braid.

Side note: Do yourself a favour and read The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore. No one could make up an origin story like that.


wonder woman trace

wonder woman line

wonder woman shade

wonder woman gold


While watching the third season of House of Cards, I was overcome by the urge to draw. This doesn’t happen very often, as the last sketch in my sketchbook was done five months ago. I first started doodling and then ended up practising  foreshortened poses. This is one of the drawings I made.

Temptress #1, Pen on Paper, 2015

I then started watching the firsts season of The Affair. Whitney kept conjuring up images of Lolita – maybe they were somehow paying homage to the cheeky seductress – so I drew this image.

Temptress #2, Pen on Paper, 2015

My Little Mermaid

When I was younger, I wanted to become a mermaid.  I guess it was the Mpumalanga heat that caused this desperate disillusion.  Still I’ve always liked the idea of mermaids.  I have since childhood also liked to go through all the boxes in our house – in one such a box I found old photographs of relatives and other random people.  I really liked the one pictured below, of my grandmother and her sister on the beach.  The pose struck me as that of a one a mermaid might be seen in, so I sketched and traced my grandmother into a mermaid.  Just for fun before dinner.


mermaid copy2

Tattoos in Thailand

In November/December 2009, my brother and I went to Thailand for the first time.  A friend of ours met up with us in Phuket en route to India.  While walking about in town we noticed everybody walking around with fresh tattoos (cling-wrapped) because it was so cheap to have one done there, so she decided to have one done too.  She asked if I could draw a scarab to have tattooed on her ankle as she didn’t want to pick a generic tattoo off the wall.  The Roman Numerals represent the First letters in names of her family members.  So her tattoo has a personal meaning. This was the first time something that I drew made it on to another persons skin forever.

In the photo: (from left) me, a local gal and my friend that got the tattoo of the scarab.

tattoo 1