Bound by Fiction

The idea for this work came from the fact that I have no knowledge of who my neighbours are, apart from what I can infer from their early morning arguments. My ineptitude when it comes to speaking Korean, further amplifies this inability to fully understand by surroundings completely. I’m isolated in my apartment by my lack of knowledge. And even when I try to imagine who the people are that I share my walls with, I am limited by my own experience, imagination and understanding of life. My understanding of the world limits me. How we judge other people, or situations, speak more about us than it does about them. These limits extend to my own identity and relationships with other people, as these things are bound by my own perspective. We all are.

Bound by Fiction_2016_1

The viewer was encouraged to write down dialogue or clues as to what was happening in the scene. Some photos of the installation at the exhibition.

Bound by Fiction

Audience Participation


My experience of being female finds its way into a lot of my art. Art is after all an outlet for me to communicate to the world how I feel and what I am dealing with. This installation was on display at Wooyeon Gallery in 2014 as part of the Daejeon Arts Collective’s spring exhibition.