Selling Your Soul

Some believe that photographs capture the soul of the person being photographed.  This is generally linked to the belief that your reflection is your soul.

Today in the antique shop, I stumbled upon some old photographs that were for sale.  While the snapshots with people and animals did not interest me much, I did find the photos of places and things quite appealing.  I normally take photos of things and not so much of people, especially not people posing, so I understand my attraction to the photos of boats and buildings.

This got me thinking: If your eyes are the windows to your soul then surely photos of things you look at and choose to capture holds something of your soul as well?

I bought a couple of photos.  I don’t know who took them, I don’t know when and where exactly (some) were taken.  All I know is that I like the things this person looked at and the way in which they chose to capture it – and that I think captures far more of your soul than a photo of your face.

If my photos ever end up for sale in an antique shop/second-hand store, I hope that someone will look at my pictures and think the same.  Maybe even see me in/through them.