Fabulous feathers

I’m not sure if it’s designing the tattoo, which has a strong South African reference, or the fact that I’m hoping time flies (yeah) between now and January, when I visit Cape Town, that has me wanting to draw ostriches. It’s been on my mind all weekend. Sadly I was busy procrastinating, so I didn’t get around to drawing one. Today however, I manage to get to it.


I then also drew a flamingo, and then another that I coloured.


flamingo 2


Family Portrait

A friend of my mother commissioned me to do a family portrait.  The family had a couple of photos taken, I then stitched the best photo of each face together and sketched it.  Instead of going overboard with detail I opted to only focus on the detail in the faces and to leave the rest simple.  I did use word as a shading device – the clients had seen the Marilyn Monroe Sketch and liked the word detail so I made their sketch a bit more personal in the same way.  This is the result:

Family, Pencil on Paper, 2011

Foto in Rou

It seems that when you have nothing to do, others think of things for you to do. Case in point my mom – not that I mind so much.  As I have had a lot of time on my hands lately she decided that I should do some sketches for her – inspired by the set poems for Afrikaans first language, gr.12.  The fist one I did was of the photo on which Joan Hambidge’s poem Monroe: foto in rou is based.  As there was a lot of shading needed for the sketch, I decided to save my poor old 6B and kind of bring words from the poem into the drawing.

Marilyn #4, Pencil on Paper, 2010

She also gave me some other random photos to sketch but I kind of messed up the proportions in some of them.

Marilyn #1, Pencil on Paper, 2010

Marilyn #2, Pencil on Paper, 201069_451675_n

Marilyn #3, Pencil on Paper, 2010