A drawing requested by a friend of mine. She was planning to print the image on T-shirts for Christmas to give to people she’s befriended in Vietnam – each characters represent one of them. I’ve never met them and discovered that it was easier for me to draw the llama (depicting her) than it was drawing the other two – probably because I had a better feel as to her personality.


Fabulous feathers

I’m not sure if it’s designing the tattoo, which has a strong South African reference, or the fact that I’m hoping time flies (yeah) between now and January, when I visit Cape Town, that has me wanting to draw ostriches. It’s been on my mind all weekend. Sadly I was busy procrastinating, so I didn’t get around to drawing one. Today however, I manage to get to it.


I then also drew a flamingo, and then another that I coloured.


flamingo 2



While watching the third season of House of Cards, I was overcome by the urge to draw. This doesn’t happen very often, as the last sketch in my sketchbook was done five months ago. I first started doodling and then ended up practising  foreshortened poses. This is one of the drawings I made.

Temptress #1, Pen on Paper, 2015

I then started watching the firsts season of The Affair. Whitney kept conjuring up images of Lolita – maybe they were somehow paying homage to the cheeky seductress – so I drew this image.

Temptress #2, Pen on Paper, 2015