A drawing requested by a friend of mine. She was planning to print the image on T-shirts for Christmas to give to people she’s befriended in Vietnam – each characters represent one of them. I’ve never met them and discovered that it was easier for me to draw the llama (depicting her) than it was drawing the other two – probably because I had a better feel as to her personality.


Hay Fever

In May I posted a drawing of a flapper girl. A couple of weeks after, I was contacted by Stephen Briggs who asked if he could use it for a poster to promote a Studio Theatre Club production of Noel Coward’s ‘Hay Fever’. I agreed. Today he sent me the final poster design and details.

This is the poster they put together:

Hay Fever poster final

I thank him for contacting me and asking permission to use my image. I’m also grateful to him for sending me design updates and even mailing me a hard copy. I applaud him for creating and perpetuating an artist community where people’s work is respected (not just copied or reposted, as is common practice these days).

If you happen to see this post in time, and you are in the Abingdon, Oxon area, do swing by.

Family Portrait

A friend of my mother commissioned me to do a family portrait.  The family had a couple of photos taken, I then stitched the best photo of each face together and sketched it.  Instead of going overboard with detail I opted to only focus on the detail in the faces and to leave the rest simple.  I did use word as a shading device – the clients had seen the Marilyn Monroe Sketch and liked the word detail so I made their sketch a bit more personal in the same way.  This is the result:

Family, Pencil on Paper, 2011

Foto in Rou

It seems that when you have nothing to do, others think of things for you to do. Case in point my mom – not that I mind so much.  As I have had a lot of time on my hands lately she decided that I should do some sketches for her – inspired by the set poems for Afrikaans first language, gr.12.  The fist one I did was of the photo on which Joan Hambidge’s poem Monroe: foto in rou is based.  As there was a lot of shading needed for the sketch, I decided to save my poor old 6B and kind of bring words from the poem into the drawing.

Marilyn #4, Pencil on Paper, 2010

She also gave me some other random photos to sketch but I kind of messed up the proportions in some of them.

Marilyn #1, Pencil on Paper, 2010

Marilyn #2, Pencil on Paper, 201069_451675_n

Marilyn #3, Pencil on Paper, 2010