2015 : The Year of Furiosa

Halloween has never been a holiday I’ve gotten especially excited about. That was until this year, when George Miller blessed 2015 with the perfect female character for me to dress up as – Imperator Furiosa. The fact that a local bar was offering a $200 prize for best costume, contributed to the excitement quite a bit (okay… it was probably the main incentive).

I started making the costume at the end of August. And I did end up winning the $200 – which I’ was very happy about. Sadly, I didn’t take many photos in costume, but I did want to share some of he details that I think went unnoticed on the night.

The arm/claw :

Here are some small details that got lost in the excitement of the evening (it was dark, crowded and there were some other great costumes to look at):

The belt buckle and the costume as a whole: